The Future Is Artificial Intelligence

From ecommerce and health care to banking and cyber security, machine learning and artificial intelligence are transforming the world around us in ways we could never imagine.

The Foundation of Machine Learning

The foundation of artificial intelligence is made up of massive amounts of data that feed machine learning models. The systems to enable ML are complex and challenging to tell stories around.  Which is why the team at Actual focuses on  translating the most challenging technical concepts into coherent and compelling storylines.

Understanding Intelligent Automation

Artificial intelligence is being implemented across all industries, business verticals, and niche segments.  Understanding the use cases of intelligent automation is critical to explaining the greater value creation narrative for AI.  All of Actual’s clients employ some form of intelligent automation, so the Actual team is well-versed in being able to express what AI does and why it matters.

Singularity For Good

While the business impact of AI continues to grow, for many, there is a concern that AI will “eat the world.”  At Actual, we believe in the concept of “singularity for good”  and AI in the proper context can create incredible value, from advancing medicine and economic disparity to promoting sustainability.

Trendcasting The Future

The most significant opportunity in the AI industry is not what's happening now but what could happen in the future.  Companies that build AI solutions already have an implicit opportunity to “trendcast” or define future industry trends that will have the broadest amount of impact.



We’re Believers

We believe in the transformative power of technology.  It is this belief that feeds our passion for all things Fintech, Data, and AI.

We’re Thinkers

Our work requires that we spend a lot of time focused on strategy.  We don’t believe in the status quo or taking the easy way out, and meaningful success is derived from critical thinking.

We’re Doers

Successful communications comes from hard work. There’s no other way to frame this fact.  So we roll up our sleeves and we do the work.  We have a bias towards action, so don’t wait and we never delegate.


Case Study: Kantata

Learn how Actual helped Kantata merge two corporate communications programs into one while increasing SOV