Why we believe in Data

Data is the lifeblood of information and the very DNA for beneficial insights and information across all aspects of business and industry. By analyzing data, businesses and organizations can gain a better understanding of their customers, operations, and markets. The Actual team uses data in our daily practice, so we have a profound understanding of its value and how best to translate that into meaningful storylines.

The Power Of Data

Data drives the world of innovation.  Every business is a data business, and if they’re not, they should be.  At Actual, we go out of our way to work with data-forward companies leading the way in developing new transformative technologies and services.

Understanding The Ecosystem

From data acquisition, aggregation, or analytics to cloud migration, multitenant installations, and data governance security, the Actual team invests the time to understand the nuances of the data landscape, enabling us to build strategic context for the stories we tell.

Simplifying Complex Stories

The language of data is multifaceted, anacronym-filled, and complex, often making it a challenge to tell stories around.  At Actual, we break down the complexity of data stories to make it easier to articulate value propositions that are understandable.

Connecting The Dots

For many nontechnical people, the concepts related to data value creation are abstract. So it’s important to contextualize the value of data by connecting the dots to services that everyone can relate to.



We’re Believers

We believe in the transformative power of technology.  It is this belief that feeds our passion for all things Fintech, Data, and AI.

We’re Thinkers

Our work requires that we spend a lot of time focused on strategy.  We don’t believe in the status quo or taking the easy way out, and meaningful success is derived from critical thinking.

We’re Doers

Successful communications comes from hard work. There’s no other way to frame this fact.  So we roll up our sleeves and we do the work.  We have a bias towards action, so don’t wait and we never delegate.


Case Study: Privacera

Learn how Privacera broke through the congested landscape of data security governance