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Navigating Today’s Media Landscape

The Challenge

In today’s ever-changing business and media environment, landing the right corporate or product narrative is more challenging than ever. Competition for business and tech press coverage is fierce.

The Opportunity

But there’s good news! This era of uncertainty and complexity rewards those who challenge conventional wisdom and disrupt the status quo. If you have industry-changing ideas, thought-provoking commentary, or market-moving perspectives, now is your time.

How Actual Creates Impact

We believe the key to helping you drive high impact PR/Comms comes from deep industry expertise, data-driven creativity, and a challenger mindset. We design compelling stories about how technology is transforming business, finance, transportation, the workplace, human welfare, and everyday life. We can help you stand out in a crowded market.

Partner with Us

If you’re tired of the PR agency status quo, we should talk. The Actual Team can help you generate industry leading visibility and validation from media, analysts and experts for your company’s vision, strategy, and product innovation.

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Optimizing B2B PR for You

BMO aimed to make financial planning more accessible to a wide range of American and Canadian consumers, including small business owners, by addressing various financial concerns like savings, education, retirement, investments, debt management, credit building, and housing. Actual Agency partnered with BMO to create impactful thought leadership platforms for top executives and drive brand awareness through a targeted media relations program. We launched a quarterly initiative called "The Real Financial Progress Index (RFPI)," yielding immediate results in support of BMO's mission.

Increase in
Article Frequency
Increase in
Media Mentions
Readership From
One Influencer Post

B2B PR Offerings

Data-Driven Storytelling + Development

Seize your narrative. We delve deep to craft captivating brand positions, tales, and narratives, ensuring your brand stands out with a distinct and compelling value proposition.

Press Material Development

From compelling talking points and pitch notes to streamlined press releases, scripts, and media briefs, our press material development is designed to mold opinions, bolster thought leadership, and ignite impactful action.

Proactive Media Relations

For consistent, standout press coverage, we adopt a proactive, targeted 1:1 media engagement strategy. Bypassing the scattergun approach, we focus on crafting narratives that radiate a unique and compelling viewpoint.

Reactive + Rapid Reaction News Bureau

We're attuned to vital industry dynamics. Through "newsjacking", we seamlessly link your experts to current news trends, fostering spaces for insights and commentary. Our goal? Positioning your brand as the leading voice, go-to resource, and ultimate solution.

Influencer Engagements + Activations

Understanding virality's potency, we leverage our vast influencer connections to authentically amplify your brand. By engaging the ideal influencers timely, we craft exclusive experiences that enable organic brand resonance with your target audience.

Crisis Communications

Every organization faces crises. Our seasoned team crafts strategies and messages for optimal stakeholder communication during these times. We provide a sharp, unbiased voice, ensuring our client-partners address their audiences candidly and effectively.

Partnerships + Events

Trust in our expertise. Our creatives craft and execute standout brand events - from rooftop gatherings and live demos to press tours and brand collaborations. We bridge your brand to media, influencers, and fresh audiences with high-impact event activations.

Media Training

Master the art of interviews, anticipate queries, and convey your brand's essence. Our media training fine-tunes executives and top spokespeople to deliver the right message consistently.

Monitoring + Reporting

Leverage our bespoke dashboards and intuitive coverage books to track vital metrics such as reach, share of voice, and sentiment, ensuring you stay updated on your brand's coverage in real-time.

Client Experience

Our Clients Love Working With Us

5.0 -  

"They became members of my extended team."

Thanks to Actual Agency's work, the client has achieved excellent media coverage and increased share of voice. The team establishes weekly status calls to ensure compliance with the deliverables. Moreover, they have great company culture and an impressive commitment to the client's success.


VP of Marketing Communications, Software Co

5.0 -  

"I always feel we have the A-team working with our account."

Since  Actual Agency joined the project, coverage and awareness have increased by 200%, much to the client's delight. The team is highly proactive, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with the service provider's vast technical expertise and engagement.


Petrus Loubser

CMO, Privacera