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Architecting highly successful public relations programs around advanced AI solutions requires your AI PR Agency to understand the nuances, complexities, and use cases of machine learning, AI, and generative AI to translate abstract themes into compelling, value-based stories that even the lowest common denominator can understand.

Actual Agency is a top AI public relations firm with a team of AI experts who understand the different aspects of AI and can simplify and then contextualize your most important AI stories to secure the kinds of coverage and related value you are looking to achieve.  In short, we eat, breathe, and live the world of AI through the transformative clients that we serve.

We’re happy to tell you more about our AI public relations expertise.   Feel free to drop us a note, and we’ll schedule a chat.

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AI Public Relations and Digital Marketing

At Actual Agency, we decided early on not to try to be an agency that provides “everything to everyone” but instead to concentrate our understanding, expertise, and services within industries we view as truly transformative.   Because we view AI as a critically important industry, we’ve built best practices around designing, contextualizing, and amplifying AI stories that need to be told because they matter.  We can help you elevate your AI story through product launches, executive thought leadership, research studies, contributed content, event speaking, B2B social campaigns, and more.

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New eBook:  The Strategic Value of Corporate Narrative

Building the right corporate narrative is a strategic imperative. Narrative is the way that businesses connect to the belief systems of their most important audiences including prospects, customers, partners, employees, and investors.  Learn how to build a compelling, differentiated, and effective narrative with Actual’s narrative design framework.

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Strategic Value of Corporate Narrative ebook mockup
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Optimizing AI Digital Marketing for You

Actual Agency embraced the challenge of expanding Privacera's digital presence and crafting messaging for broader audiences. Leveraging thought leadership, media relations, digital marketing, and industry accolades, we swiftly propelled Privacera into the industry limelight. Our media strategy delved into current industry trends, offering unique insights from key Privacera executives. We maintained momentum through ongoing company announcements, highlighting growth, partnerships, and recognition. Complemented by a robust organic social media strategy driving events and tailored content, we fostered connections with journalists, establishing Privacera as a prominent voice in the data sector.

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What We Do

Full Suite of AI Marketing Services

Actual Agency offers a full suite of AI marketing services tailored to accelerate meaningful engagement with target audiences. Actual’s expertise spans various domains, including B2B marketing, blending public relations, content marketing, and SEO optimization to maximize brand awareness. The agency's proficiency in data-driven storytelling across different marketing channels ensures a consistent brand image. With an understanding of AI's transformative potential, Actual crafts targeted communication strategies, ensuring that the message resonates with target audiences. The agency’s focus on strategic communication, honed through years of hands-on experience, guarantees high-value results for AI companies looking to grow market and mindshare.

Public Relations

Actual Agency excels at public relations strategies tailored to the AI industry, crafting and executing narratives that resonate with the unique needs of artificial intelligence companies. Actual's expertise ensures that AI companies receive targeted media coverage and a positive reputation through effective AI PR channels and media engagements.

Digital Marketing

Actual Agency is a leader among fully integrated B2B digital marketing firms, exhibiting outstanding expertise in serving AI enterprises. Their proficiency in AI digital marketing enables them to create unique strategies that enhance brand exposure and drive impactful business growth for the artificial intelligence industry.

Content Strategy

Actual Agency specializes in unique content creation and related platform distribution program strategies for artificial intelligence companies. Demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of target audiences and leveraging in-depth thought leadership, industry insights and case studies, Actual creates captivating content that resonates with B2B buyer personas designed to drive brand expansion and commanding market presence.


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AI Public Relations

As a top AI public relations agency, we at Actual Agency pride ourselves on our custom strategic communications programs designed to amplify leading AI companies like yours.   We understand the nuances of AI technology, news cycles, influencer conversations, and more, allowing us to craft custom PR campaigns designed to help you achieve your most important business goals.

We’re happy to tell you more about our AI public relations expertise.   Feel free to drop us a note, and we’ll schedule a chat.

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AI Digital Marketing

Excellent AI public relations and digital marketing go hand in hand. That’s why Actual Agency offers a fully integrated suite of tailored public relations and digital marketing services to help our AI clients tell their stories most effectively while achieving critical outcomes.  Actual Agency’s digital marketing services include content strategy and production, microsite development, email marketing, demand generation, B2B social engagement, and more.

We’re happy to tell you more about our high-impact AI digital marketing expertise.   Feel free to drop us a note, and we’ll schedule a chat.

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