A professional woman standing in a modern office setting with large windows and plants, wearing a light pink jacket, smiling slightly. The text next to her reads 'Actual is ready to help you tell your fintech innovation story!' with the Actual logo above it.

10 Exciting Fintechs To Watch

Image featuring Crystal Woody, Managing Director of Actual Agency, announced by Millwright Holdings. Text overlay reads: 'Millwright Holdings Announces Crystal Woody to Lead Actual Agency as Managing Director.

Millwright Holdings Announces Crystal Woody to Lead Actual Agency as Managing Director

Millwright Holdings has named Crystal Woody as Managing Director of Actual Agency. Woody's extensive background in B2B communications is expected to catalyze client success and drive agency growth
Two individuals are engaged in focused work on a computer, representing the innovative spirit of Black-owned startups. The text 'Black-Owned Trailblazing Startups' prominently displays against a modern gradient backdrop, signifying the cutting-edge advancements by Black entrepreneurs celebrated by Actual Agency during Black History Month.

Celebrating Black-Owned Startups this Black History Month

Actual Agency celebrates Black History Month by highlighting the pioneering work of Black-owned startups like Aster, IntusCare, Kiddie Kredit, 4Degrees, and Owanga Solar, which are making significant strides in their respective industries. From revolutionizing maternal health and geriatric care to advancing financial literacy and renewable energy, these startups exemplify the impactful blend of innovation and diversity in the entrepreneurial world.