Navigating Fintech Industry Issues

Fintech has long been at the forefront of innovation and growth. New technologies, driven by AI, regulatory hurdles, security threats, and the increasing experiential demands of the all-digital consumer continue to reshape the sector. Each issue provides an opportunity to communicate proactively to build trust with investors, customers, regulators and industry partners.

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7 Industry Issues Facing Fintechs:

1. Raising Venture Capital

Venture capital investment in the sector dipped in 2023 to a new low, and funding remains a challenge despite growing industry interest.

2. Competing with Incumbents

The dominant players are using their networks, partners and formidable balance sheets to maintain market position and squeeze new entrants.

3. AI: Everywhere, All the Time

AI is the new-new thing and is being embedded into everything from risk models to consumer facing chatbots.

4. Data Security

The threat vectors have increased and the costs of data breaches and their impact on reputation and finances continue to spiral.

5. Regulatory Compliance

Increasingly stringent and evolving regulatory frameworks are another certainty along with death and taxes.

6. Consumer Experience, Retention and Loyalty

Churn and attrition rates can make or break a new entrant and low NPS scores are endemic at large financial institutions.

7. Service Personalization

AI offers great promise for meeting the demand for hyper-personalized financial services and customer experiences.

Fintech Media Network

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How we help

Use PR/Comms to Deliver Impact

We craft compelling narratives and drive coverage in influential fintech, business and industry media outlets to highlight your company news, product innovation and customer success.

Key PR/Comms Strategies to Maximize Your Story

  • Crisis Readiness: When bad things happen, you need to ensure your readiness to respond to any issue quickly and effectively.
  • No Hype News Bureau: PR/Comms done right is about communicating openly and consistently with key stakeholders to build trust and engagement.
  • Innovation Showcase: Tech innovation, especially AI integration and deployment, is a huge opportunity to communicate vision, strategy and leadership.
  • On-Point Commentary: Getting your executive bench ready to engage media and land their perspective and commentary in the fast-moving news cycles.
  • Front-Footed Ethics: In an environment where scrutiny can come from many directions, it is imperative to consistently communicate where you stand on the issues that matter to your stakeholders.

Optimizing Fintech PR Services for You

Bitfarms worked with Actual Agency to announce a transformative mining upgrade, acquiring 35,000 Bitmain miners. Actual Agency strategically teased the impending story, leveraging their media relationships to secure high-profile interviews for Bitfarms' executives in influential publications. This allowed Bitfarms to articulate its strategic vision and predictions for the 2024 Bitcoin market. The well-executed media announcement and fleet upgrade resulted in an impressive 14% surge in Bitfarms' stock, propelling them into the top 3 Bitcoin mining companies. Beyond financial gains, this success solidified Bitfarms as a major industry player, highlighting the impact of strategic communication and Actual Agency's expertise in shaping market perception.

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What We Do

Communicate Your Innovation Story

We are ready to help you develop and deliver a strategic narrative about your technology innovation, business success and customer excellence.

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  • AI Powered Everything: Harnessing big data + AI to drive your business forward by making smarter, faster, more ethical decisions at lower costs
  • Competitive Differentiation: Differentiating your brand as a market leader, value creator and industry disruptor.
  • Regulatory Adherence: Showcasing your proactive commitment to regulatory compliance.
  • Customer First: Defining user-centric digital experiences that build loyalty, accelerate growth and increase margins creates meaningful differentiation.
  • Security Posture: Highlighting your stringent security policies and readiness to protect user data and customer funds.
  • Forgotten Industry Innovation: Fintech innovation is just beginning to break into legacy industries with outdated financial infrastructure such as supply chain, logistics and manufacturing.
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Fintech PR Services

Data-Driven Storytelling + Development

Seize your narrative. We delve deep to craft captivating brand positions, tales, and narratives, ensuring your brand stands out with a distinct and compelling value proposition.

Press Material Development

From compelling talking points and pitch notes to streamlined press releases, scripts, and media briefs, our press material development is designed to mold opinions, bolster thought leadership, and ignite impactful action.

Proactive Media Relations

For consistent, standout press coverage, we adopt a proactive, targeted 1:1 media engagement strategy. Bypassing the scattergun approach, we focus on crafting narratives that radiate a unique and compelling viewpoint.

Reactive + Rapid Reaction News Bureau

We're attuned to vital industry dynamics. Through "newsjacking", we seamlessly link your experts to current news trends, fostering spaces for insights and commentary. Our goal? Positioning your brand as the leading voice, go-to resource, and ultimate solution.

Influencer Engagements + Activations

Understanding virality's potency, we leverage our vast influencer connections to authentically amplify your brand. By engaging the ideal influencers timely, we craft exclusive experiences that enable organic brand resonance with your target audience.

Crisis Communications

Every organization faces crises. Our seasoned team crafts strategies and messages for optimal stakeholder communication during these times. We provide a sharp, unbiased voice, ensuring our client-partners address their audiences candidly and effectively.

Partnerships + Events

Trust in our expertise. Our creatives craft and execute standout brand events - from rooftop gatherings and live demos to press tours and brand collaborations. We bridge your brand to media, influencers, and fresh audiences with high-impact event activations.

Media Training

Master the art of interviews, anticipate queries, and convey your brand's essence. Our media training fine-tunes executives and top spokespeople to deliver the right message consistently.

Monitoring + Reporting

Leverage our bespoke dashboards and intuitive coverage books to track vital metrics such as reach, share of voice, and sentiment, ensuring you stay updated on your brand's coverage in real-time.

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