Why We Believe In Fintech

At Actual, we believe in Fintech and its ability to make financial services more accessible, efficient, and convenient. Fintech is the key to improving financial inclusion while advancing economic growth and development.

Expansive Ecosystem

The Fintech ecosystem is expansive and multidimensional.  From payments, credit, and lending to embedded finance, wealth management, and insurtech there are as many nuances as service providers.  The Actual team has a deep understanding of these nuances and is uniquely positioned to help Fintech companies to tell their stories in a differentiated way.

Democratizing Access

Fintech companies are innately positioned to help customers achieve their financial-related goals in faster, better and in more meaningful ways. That is why the Actual team focuses on stories through the lens of democratizing access to activate the belief systems of key journalists, SMEs and industry influencers.

Blockchain & Decentralization

Many argue that blockchain is the future of financial services. And we couldn’t agree more. This is why the Actual team focuses on understanding how decentralized finance can help to create greater customer reach and value through new blockchain-distributed service models.



We’re Believers

We believe in the transformative power of technology.  It is this belief that feeds our passion for all things Fintech, Data, and AI.

We’re Thinkers

Our work requires that we spend a lot of time focused on strategy.  We don’t believe in the status quo or taking the easy way out, and meaningful success is derived from critical thinking.

We’re Doers

Successful communications comes from hard work. There’s no other way to frame this fact.  So we roll up our sleeves and we do the work.  We have a bias towards action, so don’t wait and we never delegate.


Case Study: BMO Bank

Learn how BMO's Real Financial Progress Index Establishes Perpetual Media Relevance