Is Buyer Decision Risk Killing Your Sales Cycle?

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Navigating the world of B2B technology marketing can be complex and daunting.

Long sales cycles, high-dollar investments, and multi-stakeholder buyer teams lead to grindingly slow sales cycles.

Our team understands these challenges and we have created a handy guide to help you reduce buyer decision risk using 20 proven PR/comms strategies.

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Why This Guide?

Selling high-ticket technology products and services is a complex endeavor. The biggest hurdle is overcoming buyer decision risk.

This guide, written by industry veteran Crystal Woody, provides proven strategies and techniques you need to effectively use integrated communications as your secret weapon to reducing buyer decision risk.

What’s Inside The Guide?

Understanding Risk

A detailed analysis of why buyer decision risk is the silent killer of b2b technology sales.

Trust-Building Methods

Practical methods for building trust and reducing perceived risks through integrated communications, developer relations and customer advocacy.

Enhancing Credibility

Insights and guidance on how to leverage analyst relations, media coverage, and thought leadership to secure third-party validation that builds trust in your brand.

Action Plan

Step-by-step action guide to implementing proven trust-building strategies that will reduce buyer decision risk and shorten the sales cycle.

Client Experience

Key Insights You'll Gain

This comprehensive guide contains proven strategies to streamline the buyer journey, build trust in your brand and minimize buyer decision risk. Harness the power of strategic PR to secure third-party validation and boost your sales outcomes.

  • Understanding Buyer Decision Risk:

    • Learn the five primary dimensions of buyer decision risk: Financial, Operational, Reputational, Compliance, and Technology. These risks impact the B2B tech buying process.
    • Understand how these risks impact the B2B tech buying process.
  • Effective Risk Reduction Strategies:

    • Explore 20 practical tools and strategies to mitigate buyer decision risks.
    • Gain insights into offering guarantees and warranties, detailed product documentation, and compliance certifications.
  • Building Trust with Buyers:

    • Discover how to leverage testimonials, case studies, and interactive demos to build credibility.
    • Learn the importance of maintaining strong analyst and influencer relations.
  • Integrated Marketing Communications:

    • Understand how an orchestrated approach to PR/comms, content, and digital marketing can reduce decision risk.
    • Discover the role of third-party validation and endorsement in enhancing buyer trust.
  • Implementing Best Practices:

    • Learn how to apply these strategies to streamline your sales cycle and increase deal sizes.
    • Get practical tips for continuous improvement and staying ahead of market trends.

About The Author

Crystal Woody is the Managing Director of Actual Agency. Bringing two decades of strategic communications experience, Crystal excels in navigating the complex landscape of B2B tech communications. Her passion lies in crafting captivating narratives that resonate deeply with target audiences and in architecting strategies that catalyze profound, transformative business outcomes.

Actual Agency helps technology and fintech innovators build brands, launch products, become thought leaders, and find more customers.

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