Actual Agency’s New Podcast, Innovation Matters, Launches

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Actual Team

I’m super excited to launch “Innovation Matters” today, Actual’s second ongoing podcast series, joining Purpose, Inc.

Innovation Matters is a podcast about technology innovation, why it matters, where it’s happening and how it’s changing our world. Each week I  talk with industry leaders and experts about topics ranging from corporate innovation to digital transformation to artificial intelligence and beyond. Prepare for provocative discussion about the future of business, technology and society.

In this inaugural episode, I sit down with Liz Miller, VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research, the respected Silicon Valley research and advisory firm founded by Ray Wang. I had worked with Liz for a couple of years when she and I both ran strategy and programs for the CMO Council and Constellation is most assuredly the beneficiary of one of the sharpest and sharp witted marketing minds I know.

Liz and I discuss the importance of putting the customer first, innovation as a team sport, the need to “think big, fail fast and fail forward,” the fallacy of “innovation action as a destination,” and questionable motivations behind bringing in a Chief Innovation Officer.

As we enter the second half of the year that between a global pandemic and a full-stop economic shutdown and a long overdue examination of race and diversity in our culture and our work environments, I have no doubt that Liz’s thinking and contributions will be even more valuable to brands looking to navigate these existential headwinds.

Thank you to my friend Liz Miller for a scintillating conversation. Enjoy the podcast! And please drop me any feedback or comments at

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