Amidst Uncertainty, We’re Still Tracking These Exciting B2B Companies

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In the few weeks since 200,000 people left CES2020 the world has been turned uoside down. Amidst the uncertainty we’re also looking for positive stories and developments. We continue tracking 10 of the most innovative B2B companies we saw coming out of #CES2020. We showcased them here in the CES 2020 Edition of our “B2B Innovator Series.”

Here’s who you’ll see:

Covestro, which develops sustainable, premium polymer solutions to meet today’s greatest challenges: climate change, resource depletion, urban expansion, population growth and the resulting increase in awareness of environmental issues. @COvestro.

Toyota Boshoku, a company committed to delivering superior mobility experiences to customers throughout the world, offering quality of time and space in all aspects of human mobility. At CES the company introduced several new concepts―together with their component technologies―that increase the comfort value of mobility and transform mobility time and space, a part of lifestyles. @Toyota Boshuku.

EMD Performance Materials, which develops specialty chemicals for demanding applications, from liquid crystals and OLED materials for displays and lighting to effect pigments for coatings and cosmetics to high-tech materials for the electronics industry.@EMD Performance Materials

Foretellix, an emerging leader in enabling the ‘measurable safety’ of autonomous vehicles, which they deliver via a transition from measuring ‘quantity of miles’ to ‘quality of coverage’. @Foretellix.

Eyesight Technologies, which offers a market-leading Driver Monitoring System and sensing solutions for the in-car environment. The company’s core technology uses edge-based computer vision and AI to create safer and better driving experiences. @EYesight Technologies.

Elitac, integrates electronics into textiles, developing wearables designed to enhance society, improve the quality of life and push the boundaries of human performance, as well as create safer working environments. Elitac’s wearables are aimed for professionals and consumers in the health, safety and sports sectors, as well as for first responders. @Elitac Wearables.

Dialogue Trainer, who employs its proprietary technology, Netherlands-based Dialogue Trainer transforms professional conversations into challenging online simulations, using its online 3D simulation platform with virtual avatars that enable practice with difficult conversations in a safe environment. The focus is on the individual learning process and measurement. @Dialogue Trainer.

AMA XpertEye, a software solution provider of proprietary advanced remote assistance solutions, developed to address users’ specific requirements. The company supplies secure, future-proof solutions to facilitate remote real-time communication, enhance the autonomy of corporate assets and optimize working methods. @AMA_XPERTEYE

Tacterion, which brings a new approach to how physically and functionally unique sensor modules can be designed, produced and implemented. The company’s plyon® modules offer an incredible range of problem-solving potential in the fields of robotics, body tracking and direct human-machine-interactions. @tacterion.

And, finally, Smart Radar System, a leader in automotive and industrial radar vision solutions, providing 4D image radar, corner radar, and radar module customization services. For over three years, the company has been specializing in radar technology, and the company’s 4-D image radar is expected to be in mass production by the end of 2020. @Smart Radar System.

We also had one of our old friends and clients with us: Jack McCauley, Innovator-in-Residence at The Jacobs Institute at UC Berkeley and Co-Founder and Chief Engineer at Oculus VR.

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