Celebrating Black-Owned Startups this Black History Month

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At Actual Agency, the spirit of Black History Month ignites a year-round celebration of the trailblazing Black entrepreneurs who are redefining the business landscape. As a B2B technology public relations firm deeply passionate about start-ups, we are thrilled to spotlight Black-owned start-ups that are revolutionizing their fields with groundbreaking innovation. This blog post is a tribute to the audacious spirits of five extraordinary startups: Aster, IntusCare, Kiddie Kredit, and Owanga Solar—each carving a path of excellence and setting new benchmarks. Join us as we honor their ingenuity and the indelible impact they are making on the industry and beyond.

Aster: Revolutionizing Maternal Health for Black Women

Founded in 2023 by two visionary sisters and entrepreneurs, Fifi Kara and Dr. Lailah Kara-Newton, Aster is a healthcare tech startup that addresses pre- and postnatal care for Black women. Where Black women go underserved in maternal health, being the demographic to experience fatal pregnancy-related complications the most, companies like Aster come in to help prevent this unfortunate reality for many Black women. 

IntusCare: Transforming Geriatric Care

In 2019, Brown University students and now graduates Robbie Felton and Evan Jackson came together and founded IntusCare. This healthcare analytics platform synthesizes healthcare data to identify risks, visualize trends, and optimize care for geriatric patients. IntusCare stands out for its commitment to providing transformative solutions that help programs like PACE fulfill their work for the older adults they serve.

Kiddie Kredit: Financial Literacy for the Next Generation

Financial literacy is crucial not only for the present but for the future. That is why, in 2018, Miami-based start-up Kiddie Kredit was created. Kiddie Kredit, founded by Evan Leaphart, is a platform that educates today’s youth on the importance of using credit responsibly. Not only is Leaphart’s team educating young children, but Kiddie Kredit’s mission is also to empower families with limited access to capital. Kiddie Kredit works to shape the financial future of the next generation.

4Degrees: Unlocking Strategic Connections

Co-founded by Ablorde Ashigbi and David Vandegrift in 2017 as an AI-powered intelligent relationship management software solution for deal-driven teams, 4Degrees is a platform that identifies the right connections for companies, serving clients in industries that include venture capital, private equity, consulting, M&A, and more.

Owanga Solar: Harnessing the Power of Renewable Energy in Africa

Owanga Solar, founded in 2022 by Benedict Owanga and Chinelo Adi, is a start-up at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution, driven by a vision to make clean energy accessible to all. Through repurposing laptop batteries and plastic, Owanga Solar expands access to clean energy in underserved communities in Central Africa. 

The Intersection of Innovation and Diversity

Looking beyond the individual recognition of these startups, it is important to acknowledge the broader impact of their contributions during Black History Month. Black entrepreneurs' distinct perspectives and talents significantly enhance the business world, infusing innovation into various industries. The powerful combination of diversity and innovation acts as a driving force for the advancement of entrepreneurship.

As we wrap up our exploration of these remarkable startups, let's extend the spirit of celebration and support beyond the confines of Black History Month. These narratives remind us that diversity catalyzes innovation, and our support for Black-owned businesses fosters a more inclusive and dynamic entrepreneurial landscape. Let's persist in uplifting and honoring these pioneers, recognizing that their success creates a path toward a more promising future for everyone.

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