Have You Heard? These are the Top Ten FinTech Podcasts to Stream in 2022

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Podcasts have become a popular vehicle/medium for fintech executives who want to voice their industry views and present strategic insights to audiences and peers around the globe. From examining trends to providing tips and forecasts, hosts and their guests discuss a variety of topics such as embedded finance, super apps, blockchain, crypto, regulation, compliance, security, financial literacy, AI, ML, and the BNPL payments landscape. More recently, fintech podcasts have featured episodes on ESG campaigns and new digital identity and KYC strategies.

In alphabetical order, here are the top ten essential fintech podcasts to stream in 2022. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Accion’s “Fintech for the People” Podcast

Fairly new on the fintech podcast scene, Accion’s “Fintech for the People” relays how fintech can help build a more inclusive world. Fintech for the People features innovators who are developing solutions that improve financial health and promote inclusion for the underserved, financial literacy, and expanding the reach of impact investing. Amee Parbhoo, Managing Partner of Accion Venture Lab is the host.


Barclays’ “Rise FinTech” Podcast

Barclays’ “Rise FinTech” podcast uncovers the latest fintech trends and topics with experts, founders, entrepreneurs and investors from the industry’s leading companies. It covers a variety of topics including gender equity, VC funding, internationalization, corporate collaboration, and sustainability. Barclays’ Vice President of Innovation Programs Manager, Daisy King is a frequent host.

Fintech Beat

The “BIGCast Network” Podcast

Hosts John Best and Glen Sarvady explore how innovations in fintech are impacting everyday people on the “BIGCast Network” podcast. The show’s guests are fintech industry trailblazers and disruptors who provide insights into the ways consumers manage, spend and invest their money. John is the CEO of the Best Innovation Group, is a highly regarded industry thought leader and impetus for advancements and financial application development within the credit union industry. Glen is Managing Principal of 154 Advisors and a 20+ year veteran of the payments and fintech industries.


CQ Roll Call’s “Fintech Beat” Podcast

CQ Roll Call’s “Fintech Beat” with host Chris Brummer explores the cross section between regulation, policy, finance, and technology. Chris and his guests discuss subjects such as financial literacy, crypto, ESG, and crowdfunding. Chris is a Georgetown law professor and a member of many committees including the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Subcommittee on Virtual Currencies, the Consultative Working Group for European Securities, and the Markets Authority’s Financial Innovation Standing Committee.

fintech future

“Fintech Futures” Podcast

For over two decades, “Fintech Futures” has been the definitive source of intelligence for the global fintech sector. Fintech Future’s editor, Paul Hindle, hosts the bi-weekly show on topics including the future of digital payments, risk, resilience and regulations, inclusivity, BNPL, and alternative approaches to data. Guests share useful insights and strong opinions from their individual areas of expertise.

fintech insider

“Fintech Insider” by 11:FS Podcast

The “Fintech Insider” podcast by 11:FS is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to all things fintech, banking, technology and financial services. The show provides one-on-one interviews with thought leaders and innovators transforming financial services. 11:FS experts include David Brear, Simon Taylor, Jason Bates, Sarah Kocianski and Ross Gallagher who rotate hosting duties and are joined by a range of guests who discuss the latest industry news and trends. The show also provides deep dives on topics such as APIs, AI and digital banking.

fintech one on one

“Fintech One-on-One” Podcast

Each week, Peter Renton, co-founder of the LendIt Fintech conference, interviews fintech leaders who are leading the transformation of the financial services industry on “Fintech One-on-One.” Peter and guests discuss the future of lending, payments, digital banking, digital identity, and more. A must-listen podcast for those starting out as well as established changemakers, the show is a well-regarded forum for innovation and strategies inspired by disruption.

fintech pulse

“Fintech Pulse” Podcast

Presented by globally renowned law firm, Norton Rose Fulbright (NRF), The “FinTech Pulse” podcast explores the latest global news, regulatory and compliance developments, trends and hot topics in the fintech sector. Hosts Sean Murphy and Catherine Hagerty are joined regularly by NRF’s fintech lawyers, as well as leading industry experts from around the world. Together, they discuss insights on everything from crypto assets and open banking to AI and blockchain, with special editions on insurtech and the payments landscape.

the fintech times

“Fintech Times” Podcast

The “Fintech Times” podcast, presented by the media outlet of the same name, features a weekly round-up of the latest fintech news stories and opinions. A revolving group of Fintech Times podcast hosts discuss issues like crowdfunding, peer2peer platforms, crypto currencies, AI, robo-advice, BNPL, cybersecurity, regulation, insurtech, gametech, and much more.

Wharton FinTech

“Wharton FinTech” Podcast

Wharton FinTech Co-President, Ally McCloskey, hosts the “Wharton FinTech” podcast, an award-winning, industry-renowned podcast featuring interviews with more than 350 fintech thought leaders including CEO’s and CxO’s, leading venture capitalists, academics, futurists, ecosystem enablers from accelerators, and officials with various regulatory bodies. The podcast connects listeners with the people, companies, and ideas revolutionizing global financial services. Wharton FinTech is one of the largest student-led fintech communities, centered on education, career development, community-building, and thought leadership.

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