Mastering Newsjacking: 5 Quick-Win Strategies for the Always-On News Cycle

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Newsjacking strategically aligns your company’s narrative with breaking news events to secure media coverage. This strategy is an essential tool for B2B tech companies aiming to maintain relevance and visibility in the fast-paced news cycle. Successfully leveraging newsjacking requires a meticulously planned and coordinated approach. Below is a comprehensive strategy featuring actionable steps and targeted pitch angles designed to help PR and communications teams excel with this dynamic technique.

1. Industry Expert Commentary

Strategy: Position your company’s leadership as go-to industry experts to significantly enhance your brand's credibility and media presence. By regularly monitoring industry-specific news and setting up real-time alerts for relevant events, you’ll be well-equipped to insert your business into timely and topical conversations as they happen.

Action: Establish a rapid response protocol with a dedicated team to evaluate and act on breaking news. Develop pre-approved commentary templates that can be adapted for swift approvals and train your executives to provide insightful, timely commentary for live conversations. Target industry-specific publications, tech blogs, and business news outlets to disseminate this message.

Pitch Angle: "As a leading innovator in [Industry], our CEO can provide expert commentary on the recent [event/news] and its implications for the future of [industry/technology]." 

2. Bylined Articles 

Strategy: Publish thought leadership articles that delve into the implications of breaking news can showcase your company’s expertise and foresight. Align these articles with your brand messaging and values to reinforce your position in the industry.

Action: Quickly draft detailed articles or blog posts responding to relevant news. Utilize your flexible content creation framework to ensure high-quality output. Prioritize rapid internal approvals to maintain the timeliness of your response. Aim for publication in relevant magazines, tech journals, and online platforms.

Pitch Angle: "In light of the recent [event/news], our VP of Technology has written a detailed article on how this development will shape the landscape of [industry]." 

3. Social Media Engagement

Strategy: Engage with your audience on social media during breaking news. This engagement can amplify your reach and foster community interaction. Leverage social media platforms to provide real-time updates and insights.

Action: Organize live social media events, such as Twitter chats or live sessions on LinkedIn, to discuss breaking news. Use targeted social media posts to drive engagement and direct followers to more in-depth content on your website. Engage social media followers, influencers, and industry experts through these interactive sessions.

Pitch Angle: "Join our live Twitter Live/LinkedIn Live as our team discusses the breaking news of [event/news] and its impact on [industry]." 

4. Data and Insights

Strategy: Develop an industry tracking survey or study that positions your company as a valuable resource for journalists and analysts. Designing a research project that yields interesting and relevant data and insights takes time, resources, and commitment. However, having ready data that meets journalists' needs on deadline will help get your company included in breaking news and industry dialogue.

Action: Develop a data analysis framework to generate insights from your research. Use these insights to craft compelling narratives and visualizations and share them with the media in response to breaking news. 

Pitch Angle: "Our latest research offers unique insights into the effects of [event/news] on [industry]. We’d love to share our findings with your audience." 

5. Case Studies and Success Stories

Strategy: Highlight case studies and success stories related to breaking news to demonstrate your company’s practical expertise and the real-world impact of your solutions. Ensure these stories align with the current news context.

Action: Quickly identify and prepare relevant case studies that align with the breaking news. Develop a streamlined process for drafting and approving these stories to ensure timely distribution to target business publications and trade journals.

Pitch Angle: "Our latest case study highlights how our technology is helping companies navigate the challenges posed by [event/news]." 

Implementing a robust newsjacking strategy requires building a seamless process of news monitoring, rapid response, content creation, spokesperson readiness, and targeted pitching. By positioning your company as a leader through expert commentary, thought leadership articles, social media engagement, data insights, and case studies, you can effectively harness the power of breaking news to enhance your media presence and reinforce your brand’s authority. Embrace these strategies to ensure your tech company remains at the forefront of key industry conversations.

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