The 23 Fintech Influencers You Need to Know and Follow, Part 1

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Actual Team

If there is one constant you can bank on in fintech, its that the industry is evolving and changing on a daily basis. Between disruptive technologies, innovative business models and big mergers & acquisitions, fintech companies are dramatically changing how we transact, save, invest, do business, and manage our lives.

Here are the first 11 of the 23 industry thought leaders, business leaders, media influencers and innovative minds who we follow on a regular basis. If you need to be in the know and stay competitive, you should too.

1.) Noah Breslow

CEO, OnDeck


2.) Chris Britt

Co-founder and CEO, Chime


3.) Jason Brown

CEO, Tally


3.) Mike Butler

President and CEO, Radius Bank


4.) Penny Crosman

Editor at Large, American Banker


5.) Telis Demos

Wall Street Journal


6.) Susan Ehrlich

CEO, Earnest


7.) Prashant Fuloria

Chief Product Officer, Fundbox


8.) Rob Frohwein

Co-founder and CEO, Kabbage


9.) Gilles Gade

Founder/President/CEO, Cross River


10.) Ainsley Harris

Senior Reporter, Fast Company


11.) Professor Cornelius Hurley

Executive Director, Online Lending Policy Institute


Stay tuned for Part 2, showcasing the second group of 11 Fintech influencers who are always in our feeds!

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