Multiplex Storytelling

Storytelling must be constructed around how your key audiences want to receive information. Considerations for increasing engagement should include storytelling style, delivery forms, design interaction, and platform distribution.

Formulate To Engage

The most engaging content forsters audience curiosity and the desire to know more through intriguing topics, compelling messaging, and eye-catching design that all work in concert to capture attention.

Understand Distribution

Storytelling through content is both multidimensional and multiplatform. Different audiences are particular when it comes to gathering information. This is why it’s important to understand distribution strategies for key distribution platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

Implement Attribution

The performance evaluation of content should take the same approach as measuring attribution for demand generation. It’s essential to understand a clear “cause and effect” in the content being developed and the business outcomes they produce.

Optimize Performance

Storytelling through content should be monitored and regularly optimized to achieve the best performance outcomes. From critical messages and creative design to platform distribution, all facets of content storytelling should be assigned key metrics that performance is mapped to.