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Project Overview

Kantata takes professional services automation (PSA) to a new level, giving people-powered businesses the clarity, control and confidence they need to optimize resource planning and elevate operational performance. Through resource management, financial management, business intelligence, project management, team collaboration and specialized integrations and work flows, Katata is a purpose-built solution that allows businesses to support their clients like never before. The all-in-one vertical solution fills the gaps other cloud-based tools leave, assisting teams to create the best processes and make the most of all their resources.

The Work

Narrative Design
Brand Positioning
Media Relations
Thought Leadership

Bringing Together Two Brands Under One Message

In December of 2021, Mavenlink and Kimble Applications announced the two companies successfully merged under the leadership of a new CEO. In May 2022, the company was rebranded to Kantata. Actual Agency was tasked with bringing together the two industry-leading companies to form the company’s new narrative that would catch the attention of technology trades. Previous media coverage for both organizations focused heavily on market and product news, resulting in a lack of diversity among media outlets and coverages - and nearly no thought leadership pieces. Our team faced the challenge head-on and identified strategic storylines and unique narrative opportunities to drive added brand awareness and exemplify Kantata’s expertise.

Filling the gaps traditional PSA solutions ignore

Through the power of storytelling and a powerful strategic approach, Actual Agency developed press materials to amplify Kantata’s new brand narratives and secure targeted media coverage. We utilized third-party groups to gather data and establish credibility to provide first-party data in media outreach. Along with gaining coverage, we focused on the voice of the new CEO to establish his presence as a thought leader in the industry and amplify the brand’s message.