Grignard Enlists Actual to Help Take a Quantum Leap Forward in COVID-19 Mitigation

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Actual Team

In the second it takes for one person to sneeze, hours of disinfectant scrubbing can be rendered useless against the airborne spread of the coronavirus. That one sneeze can travel up to 27 feet and carry up to 40,000 microdroplets of the COVID-19 pathogen, endangering every person in a lobby, a restaurant, a house of worship, subway car, or a warehouse.

Despite no vaccine on the immediate horizon nor clear path to virus eradication, cities and states have started the process of re-opening. As all of us take steps into our shared new normal, we continue with now-familiar protocols: good personal hygiene (washing hands frequently), wearing masks and gloves, and practicing social distancing.

But as we venture out and return to work, to worship, to dine out and to cheer on our favorite teams, it is essential that additional safeguards be in place that add a proven layer of protection in high exposure areas where the coronavirus is most dangerous – in the air.

Actual is excited to be working with Grignard Company, an industry leader in providing specialty chemistry solutions, in helping bring its innovative Grignard Pure product to market. Grignard Pure is an air treatment that continuously disinfects indoor spaces, inactivating 99.9% of virus particles in the air in less than 10 minutes.

Grignard lighting effects technology in use at a Bruce Springsteen concert

Grignard Pure is closely related to Grignard Company’s family of theatrical lighting effects products. These products have been in use all around us for more than twenty years in stage shows, sporting events, musical concerts, places of worship, corporate trade shows and conventions, awards shows and numerous other events and activities.

As Grignard Company works to secure all necessary approvals from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state-level Departments of Environmental Protection, Actual is coordinating a corporate communications strategy designed to accurately position the product’s efficacy and safety wtih all external audiences including media, regulatory agencies and private sector stakeholders.

Among Actual’s early public relations outreach has been in support of Grignard’s partnership with The Cincinnati Reds baseball organization. under the terms of the agreement, the Reds will deploy Grignard Pure at their home stadium, Great American Ball Park, when Major League Baseball opens its 2020 season in July. Local Cincinnati media covered the news when announced in May.

Check out the Grignard Pure microsite to learn more about Grignard Pure.

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